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Public relations/Media

We will function in partnership with you, providing PR consulting and counsel and offering integrated publicist services that build brand reputation and manage the intricacies of media effectively. We do not ascribe to simply helping you land media coverage. Instead, we help you create a brand for your business or organization or develop a public/political figure status that is consistently NEWSWORTHY. In 2022, we were named as one of the TOP 30 Reputation Management firms in the nation by Design Rush!

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We are masterful at creating compelling content that reflects positively on the brand. We will help you clarify, persuade and ensure that the right message reaches a specific audience at the right time. Fresh content for your marketing, website, blog, social media, speeches, press releases, white papers, memos and more will be written, edited and prepared to help you deliver your message. We can also help refresh your current social media, website and branded content.

Crisis & reputation management

For personal crisis,  we use the Smith Philosophy. In which we quickly identify what is out of balance that led to the crisis. Once identified, we implement the CDJA Navigation System     to diffuse the crisis and rebuild. The system includes: Pinpoint the problem; Rein it in; Determine ownership; Identify the end game; Develop & implement the crisis plan. We  also use the Navigation system to manage corporate crisis, and natural or unnatural disasters. Our goal is NOT to ignore or help you "skirt" the crisis. Our job is to navigate you through the storm successfully and with your brand and reputation in tact as much as possible.

Strategic planning

We will help you create a plan that builds clarity and consensus among you and your team.  Our goal is to leave you with a 3-5-9 year road-map for the future success of your business or organization including b2b saas marketing strategies.  


Equally important is our team-based approach to strategic plan development emphasizes the involvement of your key stakeholders. This optimizes your chances for successful implementation.  Our rule of thumb is that a strategic plan is only as good as the ability to execute it effectively. 

The Genesis Package

This part of our scope was designed to assist new entrepreneurs with starting their business off efficiently and effectively. It includes assisting with paperwork, helping you navigate getting a business bank account, consulting with you on how you will accept payments and manage point of service, as well as a full branding consult to be be sure that your business not only starts professionally, but LOOKS and is designed professionally.    

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