Camille D. Jamerson
Founder and Principal

Board Chair

Administration & Management

Our CEO, Camille Jamerson is an expert fixer and creative mastermind! Her experience from numerous C-suite level, 6 figure positions in Corporate America has honed her eye for perfection and her ear for innovation. She has managed the brands and projects for political figures, public figures, music artists, authors, and entrepreneurs. Known as the Olivia Pope of the Midwest, Camille leads the CDJA team to the perfect execution of every project, every time, for every client.

Board of Advisors

The Navigators are a team of highly specialized business leaders from various industries. Covering a scope to include automotive, aviation, education, pharmaceuticals and legal industries to having expertise in city government, entrepreneurship and project management. This extremely valuable brain trust is THE team to have at the helm of your project.

C. Patrick Sparks
Forensic Engineer

Board Vice Chair

Logistics Lead

Kenneth Dobson
Director of Govt. Affairs

Political Liaison Lead

Crisis Management Team Lead

Katie Marinelli
Director of Compliance

Corporate Branding

Assistant to the Vice Chair

Kordilia Noble
Career Development

Social Media Strategy Lead

Omega Tennant
Project Management

Growth Strategy Lead

Tricia Jamerson

Corporate Branding 

Board Secretary

Maria Graves
Talent & Performance Mgmt.

Social Media Strategy Lead

Katrina Mitchell
Entrepreneur & Coach 

Corporate Branding

Breona Powell

Editor & Literary Project Lead

Reema Kapoor
EA/Chief of Staff

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