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Gladiators fighting on your behalf by Dominating TV, Radio, Press, Social Media, & Public Relations for your brand.


Whether you need a Navigator, a Kingmaker or a Gladiator, CDJ & Associates are the consultants you want  on your team. Our services range from PR, to branding, media & communications to building a strategic plan to ensure growth & profit.


CDJ & Associates has implemented & completed top-notch, exceptional projects  that showcase the skill, talent, innovation and creativity of our team. Take a look of some of the work we have done for our most valuable assets (our clients)!


Who is our ideal client? Public & Political figures, CEO's & Entrepreneurs. We have also worked with business owners, churches, artists, non-profits, authors and more! Take a peek at our accolades some of the clients themselves.


"Our team delivers excellence & creativity at levels not expected in this industry. We set the rules as we go. By doing so, WE become the standard bearers."

Camille D. Jamerson, Senior Consultant & CEO


CDJ & Associates is a boutique business management firm specializing in crisis, communication, branding/PR & strategic management. Our ideal clients range from CEO's and entrepreneurs to political and public figures. Our team consists of experts in numerous areas of business management, political campaign management support, public relations, media, and crisis management.


Our CEO, Camille Jamerson is an expert fixer and creative mastermind! Her experience from numerous C-suite, 6 figure level positions in Corporate America has honed her eye for perfection and her ear for innovation. Known as the Olivia Pope of the Midwest, Camille leads the CDJA team to the perfect execution of every project, every time, for every client. When she manages clients, she ascribes to the Ritz Carlton standard of excellence which teaches, We are ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen.



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Monday: 10am-3pm

Tuesday: 9AM-4pm

Wednesday: platinum clients only

Thursday:  9am-4pm

Friday: 8am-Noon

Closed most weekends & National Holidays


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